Guy Mutzig - Artiste - Sculpteur


18 April 2008

As you can see, I don’t deprive the wild of, I only choose dead trees and I try to give them a second life. Mother nature creating extraordinary things, "often imitate, never aqualized".

I don’t work alone and it is normal that the nature being reward. therefore Igive a part of the wooden sculpture sales to the word wild fund.

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New ticket

15 December 2007

The wooden sculptures are made from the quirks of nature, interlaced branches, others misshapened by fences and grating, stumps etc........ but always dead wood.

It is not impossible to finde them, but they are rare. If by any chance you come across one of these peculiarities in your garden or during a walk in the forest, please take a picture and contact me.

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12 December 2007

You will find the graphic reproductions exibited for sale at the Following address:

" la galerie d’art comtemporain"


rue du Carrouge, 51100 Reims

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